Amanda Kalvin
Super package

Lovely shades in one package. Don't wait to purchase it. Been using these for several months and it's still my favorite. These don't dry lips and has aa very nice moisturizing formula. You won't regret buying it.

27 Mar, 21
Love this gloss

I love this liquid lip shade. It's my daily go-to since I have purchased this. I got so many compliments. And the gloss is fabulous. Using alone or layering it with other lipstick both give a very nice look. You must try...

27 Mar, 21
Good gloss

I love this gloss. It lasts quite a while. My lips look fuller and the color is nice and natural. No crazy burning or weird feeling.

27 Mar, 21
Kalie Brown
Highly recommended!!

I purchased this and it's great It suits me really well and leaves moisturizing and hydrated lips. I use it daily and probably can say, I can't live without it.

27 Mar, 21
Jazmine Smith
Perfect for me.

The naked color gives a natural look but still stands out. I mostly pair it with my lipsticks and it turns out really perfect and shiny. Not sticky to bother me. I am loving it

27 Mar, 21
Samantha L.
Most favorite

This is the product I have purchased many times over. The formula works well for me. Moisturizing, smells fresh and doesn't irritate my lips. I have other lip glosses too but this one is my most favorite all the time and...

27 Mar, 21
Very pretty

If you're going for a natural tone, this lip gloss color offers a flirty natural look that goes with everything. Very pretty! You must try!

24 Mar, 21
A must have

This is an essential lip gloss. It is the perfect gloss to take a neutral lip to the next level. Makes your lip look pop but still keeps it neutral. I love its consistency

24 Mar, 21
Love it

This is the most beautiful color of lipgloss I have ever used in my life! Never sticky and I don’t have to reapply it for at least a few hours and I just absolutely love it.

24 Mar, 21
Must try

It’s amazing how one particular color on my lips can make me a five or 10 years younger and just happier and this is worth every single penny. Amazing formula. Couldn't be more happier.

24 Mar, 21
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